The Isabella bra, £51, Mint Siren

Mint Siren is a womenswear label created and owned by Swedish designer Josefine Wing. She describes the line as having a retro flavour.

I’d like to clarify that, in this instance, the word ‘retro’ means opulent vintage — and is entirely without a hint of grunge or a whiff of mothball.

Retro cues include 50′s style high-waisted knickers, girdle panties and cinched-in corsets. Far from being derivative, Wing’s designs are fresh and daring: confections of silk chiffon and luxurious satin with bows, ruffles and rich velvet trims; Peep-hole panties, silk satin romper suits and open-cup bras.

The flamboyant style and quality of production, says Wing, attracts a following of women with a passion for extravagance and luxurious fabrics.

So what does Mint Siren have to offer small-busted women? We’re not exactly the classic 50′s hourglass shape after all.

Josefine Wing says, “We offer a lot of styles that work for small cup sizes. I’d say that the triangle bra’s are generally the best. In the current range I recommend the size S Isabella silk chiffon bra — the cups are gathered, so it’s great for creating a bit of volume.

The Emma bra, £69.50, Mint Siren (courage not included)

“For those who’d like show off the fact that they can do without a bra, I’d suggest the Emma open-cup bra, which uses elastic to frame the breast area and can be worn with or without pasties. This bra really is a homage to small boobs, a sexy alternative to a cupped version. The message it gives is: I’ve got small boobs and I love it!”

Are you ready to give an open-cup bra a go?

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