Glee star Lea Michele was surprised to be cast in the hit TV show that has made her famous because she was told she was not pretty enough for television.  The 24 year old repeatedly got knocked back by casting couch fat cats who didn’t like her look: notably, a defined nose and petite bust are about as far from the cookie cutter starlet style that has been standard issue in LA for too long.

Lea Michelle, the “ugly” girl that casting directors rejected

Their cat-that-got-the-cream expressions must have turned sour by now — as Michele has become quite the Hollywood golden girl.  Just to make them sick to the stomach, this behind-the-scenes video taken at a shoot for Marie Claire, will leave them in no doubt about her beauty or star quality.  It  shows a confident, sexy, small-busted cover girl, enjoying the time of her life — and just a little bit of sweet revenge.

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