Itty Bitty Bra has done something ever so simple that is nothing less than genius:  the small bra specialist has launched a new range called “Flatter Me Bra” dedicated to women with a small cup size and a broad back measurement.  Sizes of Flatter Me Bras will range from 40AA, 40A, 40B to 48B.  They will be available to buy in nude and black, priced $42, from June 1.

Doesn’t sound like genius to you?  Well tell that to the small-busted — but not petite — ladies, who have been widely ignored by lingerie suppliers ’til now.  I’ve had readers ask me for exactly this type of bra before, but until now I’ve been flummoxed about what to recommend: as far as I know, this sizing problem did not have a solution, with most AA bras being designed to fit a maximum back size of 36 or 38.  At last, small-breasted, bigger ladies can breeeeathe a sigh of relief, without popping their bra hooks!

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8 Responses to “Coming soon! AA-cup bras with bigger band sizes”

  1. Jill says:

    This is such great news! I am desperate to find a 40AA that is not a mastectomy bra. Where can I purchase the Flatter Me? I haven’t found anyone who carries them.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi. The Flatter-Me-Bra will be available in late August 2011 on Keep checking!! Glad you will finally find the perfect fit!

  3. Joanie says:

    i wear a 44A bra it wiuld b so nice if i coulg get a 44aa bra all woman or not smal and big breasted Thankyou Joanie

  4. Charlotte Cave says:

    Hello, could you please tell me about your products and are they available in Canada? If so, can you pleae give me the representative’s information

  5. Jenny says:

    Awesome news! I had been wearing a 38B for a few years, even though it was the wrong size for me. I’m actually a 40A. I finally managed to find a few 40A bras online and I feel like a new woman wearing a bra that fits! But I don’t have a big selection to choose from. I’ll be very excited to see my size on your website!

  6. osculus says:

    how about a 52a cant find them anywhere.dont care bout colorjust want 52A and a underwire would be real nice

  7. BethAnne says:

    I heartily agree with osculus a 52 or 54 A would be fantastic,the ones we do find in stores either do not fit worth a crap or if they do fit they wont last more that seven to ten washings and for the money they are asking that is not economical at all

  8. Edith Chan says:

    Have been waiting to find a bra that really fits my small cup. Please email me where I can purchase them. Thanks.

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