Eureka, a bra for big girls with little up top!

Who says that all women with small breasts are also petite? Well, whoever it is, zip it!

Small-boobed women come in all shapes and sizes and, get this, some of them are big. The myth that little chests always belong on a svelte, athletic figure has left big women with small breasts in a spot. No-one, until now, was giving them what they need: a bra with a big band size and small cups.

A bra that fits.

But Itty Bitty Bra has stepped in where bra manufacturers before them have feared to tread: creating the Flatter Me Bra, a genius piece of lingerie for plus-size women with itty bitty chests. Sized 40-46 AA-B and available in nude and black, with removable pads, the Flatter Me Bra costs $62.50.

CALLING readers with 40AA bra size: Would you like to try the Flatter Me Bra for yourself — and let SBBH readers hear your verdict? Comment below telling me why you are desperate to test it out before May 15th. I will pick one of the commenters to trial the bra in return for their review of the Flatter Me Bra to be published on SBBH!

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8 Responses to “Big band, small cup: Itty Bitty’s Eureka moment”

  1. Vinu says:

    I’ve always had this issue with bras.. I end up getting bras that have really big cup sizes that offer no cleavage or any kind of support. Or I end up getting bras where the cup size fits but the band is WAAAAY too tight. I end up adjusting it all day in the back and I get those unsightly rolls.

    It makes me really happy that someone finally makes a bra that can fit someone with a bigger ribcage/ body but with smaller breasts. I always thought I was the only bigger girl with small boobs but I guess not.. I would really love to try this bra out!!

  2. Rhona says:

    Hi. I know what you mean – finding a bra to fit me (40AA) was like looking for a needle in a haystack but then I was lucky enough to stumble upon ‘Little Women’ a few years ago after searching the internet for ages and I have never looked back! Little Women have been “doing” 40AA’s for ages evidently and any queries are answered on-line or on the phone by the lovely people who work there, so that’s where I get all of my bras from now. Worth a look?

  3. Roxanne says:

    I am so happy to hear of this product! I have not worn a real bra in 5 years. I have been stuck wearing those bandeau type bras without a real cup because I cannot find a bra to fit. Once in a while I’ll squeeze into a 38A (those are really hard to find) which is too tight around and the cups are still too big. I would love to try a 40AA! My bra prayers would be answered! I’m so happy a company realized that there are women out there with smaller breasts who need a larger band size! I would be thrilled to wear a real bra again!

  4. Laurie says:

    You’re letting we 36AA women fall through the crack! The problem you are fixing for the 40AA women has always been my problem. Additionally, I find that bras with small cups often have straps that are way too short, even when fully extended.

  5. Shelby says:

    I just came across this site while looking for bras that might actually fit correctly. I am a large woman, 5’10″, 150 lbs. (1.78 m, 68 kg) with very broad shoulders and very little breast tissue to speak of. In the U.S. there simply are no bras that fit properly. I’ve been wearing 36A, but have found that I’m actually probably a 38AA. (Never had a chance to try one on.) I’m not petite, I’m not overweight, and I’m so confused about where I’m supposed to look for the right fit. Thank you for this blog and bringing up these issues.

  6. MariaH. says:

    I a professional brafitter. Just last month I had a customer come in and ask for a 40AA or a 38A. She said the bra she was wearing was a 40A and claimed that it was too big in the cup for her.

    She looked the part too, small boobs over a body that was quite large. We looked over the selection and found a few 38A and 40A bras for her to try on.

    However, as soon as she removed her jacket in the cabin, I thought “no frigging way that you need a 38A.” I excused myself and went back to the front and quickly grabbed a few bras in 38D and a 40C.

    We tried the 38A first, but she found them too tight. At this point I then mentioned that a too small cup can do that and had her take a look at her boobs. Her boobs extended quite a bit to the back, she needed very wide wires. The wires of her old bra in 40A sat on her breast tissue. The reason the bra looked too big was that the wires were so narrow she simply could not squeeze any breast tissue into the space between the wires. This phenomenon is aptly named “orange-in-a-glas”.

    You can see it here in action:

    I had her try the 38D, but it was still too small and the band too tight. We tried some more bras and ended up with one in 40E and another in 42DD. Only in those sizes were the wires wide enough.

    I am not saying that there aren’t any women out there who really need a 40AA, but from my experience the majority of the women who look for that size wear a bra with too small cups, often in combination with a too wide band. One very memorable occassion was a woman who came looking for a 38AA who after measuring I could put into a 30FF.

    Also, the larger the bandsize of a bra, the more material is there that stretches. As a consequence a woman needing a 44A can easily wear a 42B. Her natural “padding” and the longer length of the band make this a viable option. I could give that woman the 44A she wants, I have a supplier for that size, but when I try her in the 44B I have in store the band is just too loose. I frequently end up putting plus-size women with small breasts into D, DD and E cups with smaller bandsizes, say 38 or 40.

    I congratulate Itty Bitty for their efforts, but the picture above makes me cringe, bc the back band is so narrow. A 44A is a sister size to a 36DD, no sane bra manufacturer would put such a narrow band on a 36DD bra. Such a band will cut in. Plus-size women are usually better served with wider, back-smoothing bra bands.

    I would also be a lot happier if they made a bra in 40-46 A-DD with a shallow and wide cut suited to small breasts. One of my main gripes is that there are hardly any bras in bandsizes 40 that suit that criteria, and the prospects get very dim past 42C.

  7. Amanda Nelson says:

    I’m a “broad” in every sense of the word. Broad across the shoulders and back, but the actual cups are not that big and there is a lot of space between them. I wear 44Bs from Lane Bryant, but I still never filll the cups. I usually buy their demi’s or plunge styles. I probably need to go up a strap size, but I can’t even imagine how big those cups would be. People think I have a giant chest, but it really is all chest and rib cage, with very little breasts. My end of the spectrum is rarely represented, needless to say.

  8. Vanessa says:

    I would have loved to purchase an Itty Bitty bra but the postage/shipping costs to Australia were ridiculous!! $100 for a bra to get to Oz?

    After months of frustration in bra shopping I have found that Simone Perele will do an alteration of their bras at no charge. I was able to purchase 18B bra’s off the rack at sale prices A$99.95 reduced to $65 each and they are now off to have the back extended to a 22.

    The problem is that as the back size goes up, so does the cup so a 22B is really an 18C-D in most cases.

    They are plain but pretty with lace detail and there are many styles to choose from.

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