What are you worth?

Make friends with your mirror image

My day job is writing. I write stuff for businesses, like websites, blogs and newsletters. And I’m really good at it.

The value of excellent writing for business is, in my opinion, undeniable. But to clients its worth is arbitrary!

I know this because some folks will jot down my day rate without the flutter of an eyelash, while others’ jaws will fall to the ground in horror. For some befuddling reason, the art of writing really good copy is often undervalued.

It’s vanity that puts my nose out of joint when people expect me to work for less. But I’ve worked for decades in PR, journalism and writing for businesses. I’ve gained two degrees. So I deserve to be paid at a level that reflects my experience and skill. I’m WORTH IT.

And yet I sometimes find it hard to stick to my guns. Money is an issue that I hate discussing! And standing up for my right to a decent fee is still not something that comes easy. But I keep telling myself to toughen up… I know I’m worth it & I should say so with confidence.

After all, if you don’t truly believe you’re worth it, why would others believe it?

Self-worth is a powerful asset. It can change the route you take in life. Roll over, let others walk all over you, and you lose your integrity. And you won’t achieve your full potential.

Love yourself

It’s the same with body confidence. Keep telling yourself you’re ugly and you’ll believe it… and so will others. But look in the mirror and do your best to see your positives and you’ll transform the way others see you. A smile radiates beauty… even if you have a giant spot on your chin, folks will see the beaming smile and not the pimple!

So be loud and proud about what’s good about you: the things you like about the way you look, the skills that you have, the qualities of your personality that make you unique and individual.

It’s not easy to feel beautiful all the time, or to overcome body hangups that have plagued you for years. Small bust, mummy tummy, veiny legs, whatever it is you feel makes you short of beautiful, you need to change the way you see yourself and others will follow suit. And if they don’t, tough titties!

It’s not easy at all. Just like holding someone’s gaze at work and saying, “I’m worth every penny” isn’t exactly a breeze.

But try to do it — and, when you succeed, it will be liberating.




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