Mon dieu! A beautiful bra in an AA-cup -- Mimi Holliday's Mon Belle Bra, $94, Journelle

Have you ever clapped eyes on the fabulous Journelle site? For lingerie lovers, it’s quite a drool-inducing experience. Journelle describes itself as “the premier lingerie store for the modern woman”, dedicated to helping women feel great. 

Journelle’s carefully selected range of designer lingerie is not exhaustive by any means, but what you will find is a collection of pieces lovingly chosen by experts that are passionate about every minute detail of lingerie. 

I asked Journelle to give me a heads-up on the key pieces that fit my AA-cup frame. With most bras starting in A-cup, the choice isn’t obvious, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my shopping cart need not remain empty.  

Susannah at Journelle told me, “We have a lot of marvellous options for smaller cups.  There are the standard go-to’s that we carry all the time.  The ones that spring to mind are the divine Timpa Duet Lace Half-Cup Padded Bra, $47, and  The Little Bra Company’s lacy Lucia Bra, $62, and Sascha Strapless Bra, $60. These styles all start in an A-cup. 

“I’d also recommend the Mimi Holliday line, which is fabulous for smaller cups, as it tends to run shallow in the cups. Two of my favourites are the Paradis Fully Padded Super Plunge Bra (sizes start at A-cup), $90, and the Mon Belle Padded Balcony Bra (sizes start at AA-cup), $94. 

“Another line that works well for smaller cup and band sizes is Elle Macpherson.  The Lesley Contour Bra, $80, and the Margo Contour Bra, $100. Both of these styles start in A-cup. This gorgeous Jean Chemise , $125, is also great: the panelling on the cups, coupled with a racer back, make it pretty much perfect for shallower cups. 

“We have also just received two amazing pieces from the German line Wundervoll which are great for small busts. The Atmosphere Bra, $188, starts in an A-cup but the cup is very shallow.  The gloriously spare Sonic Teddy, $258, is a delight too.” 

Prices might not be cheap but, if you’re on the lookout for a lingerie treat, Journelle may be a destination worth checking out.


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A word about “boobism”

Honeys vs bloggers: yep, the honeys have it

What is a boobism? For the purpose of this blog post, it is: The belief that one boob size (for the sake of argument, over a B-cup) is superior to another (let’s say B-cup and under).

If you’re small-busted, you may have been the victim of boobism at some point in your life (probably during those cruel teenage years). You may have suffered out-and-out insults, or pitying comments. Or felt inadequate thanks to the boob-obsessed media that idolises buff, big-breasted females wearing little more than dental floss. To the degree that having breast implants can be a career choice.

But probably, as you’ve got older, you have grown in confidence (if not cup size) and become less bothered by what is said about breast size, either among people you meet, or by the bap-mad media.

Personally, I thought I was over it. Until, recently, when I think I may have been the victim of a boobist news agenda. Let me explain.

As you know, I was shortlisted in this year’s Cosmo Blog Awards. Proud as punch to have made it to the shortlist after the competition received over 15,000 entries, I fired off an email to the newsdesk of my local paper, with a press release attached detailing my achievement. I didn’t hear back from the paper, but thought nothing of it. Maybe my story wasn’t newsworthy enough.

A couple of weeks later, the same newspaper devoted a full page (picture-led) spread to another local girl’s competition victory. Against similar odds (13,581 entries), she had made it to the final of another prestigious national contest: the FHM High Street Honeys competition.

Clearly I couldn’t compete. The opportunity for bikini-clad photos was not to be passed up. Let alone, the glut of machismo that could be enjoyed. Cue the opening gag: “Sorry chaps, this isn’t our new Page 3 inspired weekly feature.”

I shouldn’t be surprised by this. After all, Jennie, 23, from West Sussex, is a photogenic young lass with a nubile body, toned by her love of muay thai boxing. She’s a great role model for young girls that share her ambition to make a career out of modelling.

And good for her for doing so well. No, I mean it. Really I do.

Only one thing makes me doubt that I have been a victim of boobism to have my story shunned, while Jennie’s made it into print. And that is, judging by Jennie’s candid bikini shots, she’s not that big up top.

Maybe the reason my story was not snapped up was just down to my failure to supply steamy pics with my press release… Don’t worry, I’ve drawn a line right there.

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